Sweep, vacuum, disinfect

Our sanitary measures

Although we obviously did not wait for the Covid-19 pandemic to respect the elementary rules of hygiene, recent events have forced us to redefine the notion of "cleanliness" within our establishment
Therefore, to ensure the well-being of our guests as well as health safety, here are our 4 golden rules now in force at the Villa 2 Pas Sages:

1. Ventilation

The healthy air of the countryside, the spring breath that fills the room when dawn breaks. Summer will soon be here, already lurking in the still shy rays of a sun that is asserting itself.The air, therefore, which swirls and renews itself in our interiors. It is our primary concern, it is the air we breathe, the air whose quality we will ensure.
Of course, and this is not new, we never make a habit of organising indoor barbecues, and even less so in the space given over to our beloved guests. But now, to make sure that it can fully regenerate the atmosphere of your home, we have decided to make it our speciality.
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2. Use of a good disinfectant

In times of pandemic, can we distinguish between "good" and "bad" disinfectants? In itself, a disinfectant disinfects, that's understood and that's already very good. A disinfectant that degreases is a degreaser. And a disinfectant that "diffuses essential oils of lavender and orange peel" is a scam.
We use products that comply with the standards issued by the Environmental Protection Agency.
This means that not only do they eliminate germs, bacteria and viruses, but they also respect the integrity of nature, not emitting toxic substances.
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3. Items to be cleaned and disinfected

Here is the exhaustive list of items and utensils that have been carefully disinfected, as part of our programme: "Nétwayé, baléyé, astiké kaz la toujou penpan":- Door handles, for cleaner openings- Switches, to turn on the lights with peace of mind- Remote controls, with the weather as it is now, frankly, it's rather essential ...- Tables (because... tables, that is)- Window sills and handles (and that's not the least of the acrobatics)- Keys (obvious but... you still have to think about it, and think about giving it back)- Hairdryers- Bins and recycling bins- Washbasins- Toilets- Tap handles- Showers and baths- Shower curtains and doors- Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and soap dispensers (ironic, we clean what cleans, totally post-modern)- luggage rack- Hangers (so you can leave with nice clean hangers... but it's best to leave them where they are...)- Night tables- Washbasins- Taps (note that we do this WELL AFTER the tap handles, yes, we do the tap handles, then the hangers and the bedside table and then we come and give the tap a little tap)

4. Washing of fabrics at very high temperatures

All our fabrics (sheets, curtains, towels, etc.) are washed at very high temperatures. After having tried 600° and having noticed a certain loss of material in the washing process - as well as in the personnel assigned to these tasks - we have opted for a 60° which, in comparison, is much more modest, but is nevertheless much more suitable if you want to be able to enjoy our cotton-based supplies.